Online Marketing Basics for Small Business

Digital marketing is an element of online marketing, which uses contemporary digital technologies like desktop computers, cell phones and various other internet and web based technologies like social media, blogs and forums to promote services and products. This form of online marketing encompasses different areas of activity. In order to have a complete marketing strategy, an online marketing consultancy should be hired for executing a well thought out plan. These consultants work on different parameters like search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), paid Search Engine Optimization (FSEO) and web banner advertising.

Amongst the three mentioned categories, SEO is considered the most essential form of online marketing as it provides higher visibility and greater access to potential customers. SEO firms help clients improve their websites and create high quality inbound links from popular and reliable websites. Also, they help in building organic links from third party social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ among others.

In SMM, there are two types of online channels, i.e., Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). In SEM, advertisers only pay for the number of clicks made on their ads. SEM helps in better targeting of the right set of prospects, through the use of highly refined and sophisticated software tools. Generally, SEM involves the creation of a landing page or website where the user can view and make a decision. The landing page will be composed of different components such as text, images, video and audio and a sales copy will be prepared based on these components.